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Understanding how the internet marketing sales funnel works is one of the most important skills you can learn.  Most Newbies do not know about this because most gurus do not teach it, at least they do not teach it to Newbies. 

Understanding the sales funnel is absolutely critical because it will be the basis of your entire business plan.  If you do not understand or implement many of the key strategies of a successful sales funnel, you will make substantially less profit than you should. 
Let us take a look at an overview of the whole process:  
1. The first thing we do is create a squeeze page for our site to collect our visitors e-mail addresses so that we can email them content and product offerings.  We will also need an autoresponder to collect and organise all of our lists.  
2. We then need to write a compelling sales letter, which means we need to understand basic copywriting and graphics requirements for our site.  
3. We then look at ways to make additional money off our existing customers with Upsells, downsells and cross sells as well as one-time offers. 
4. We also plan our entire business upfront so that we can continue to make money from our customers in the future. 
5. Lastly we look at how to launch our product to the market when it is ready.  

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Newbies Guide To Setting Up a Sales Funnel
Sales funnels are about obtaining the most value from the leads and customers you've already gathered. It's about guiding them through your products - ideally in a way that progressively adds more value to your bottom line - and services.
Sales Funnel Secrets
just a tiny fraction of what you’ll discover… How to convert people who subscribe to your free newsletters into supportive customers who will lap up products that you churn out with relish! Learn the REAL secrets of list building, and this one will get you really enthusiastic buyers! Using a cheap product that hooks in your customer like a deadly fishing lure…he has no way to escape! Master the art of proposing joint ventures with big name players in your market…with YOU benefiting more from the deal! A simple psychological trick that has been proven to compel and almost hypnotize customers into purchasing more products! Learn how to effectively use the one-time offer method that will have your buyer’s wallets out in a flurry! Why giving away all the profits on one of your products is a good idea – and how this simple little strategy can make you rich! A simple trick you can use to create products your customers will gladly pay you thousands of dollars for!
Sales Man Sales Letters
This course teaches one to become a professional copywriter. These skills can be learned to sell more of your own products or earn a full time income writing sales letters for others.

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Sales Funnel Setup For Newbies video pack (6)

Learn to Create a website from scratch with this series of coaching video tutorials that show you every single step in my minisite creation. And – it doesn’t matter if you’ve never created a web page before, I’ll show you every single step from scratch.
Sales Funnel Setup For Newbies - Video 1
Sales Funnel Setup For Newbies - Video 2
Sales Funnel Setup For Newbies - Video 3
Sales Funnel Setup For Newbies - Video 4
Sales Funnel Setup For Newbies - Video 5
Sales Funnel Setup For Newbies - Video 6

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